2019 Philly Chef Conference Timeline and Agenda

Participants and schedule are subject to change

Friday March 8

Coffee and Donuts with Edward Lee and Jeff Gordinier

The Center for Food and Hospitality Management along with the Philly Chef Conference presents a conversation between Edward Lee, and Jeff Gordinier of Esquire, in a discussion of Buttermilk Graffiti, written by Lee, as well as the current restaurant industry.

Ticket price: $15 which includes a copy of the book.

Donuts and Coffee provided by Federal Donuts and La Colombe.

Registration and seating begins at 9:45 am with the event time from 10:30-12.

Book signing to follow the talk.

Location: Academic Bistro, 101 N. 33rd Street, 6th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19104


Sunday March 10, 2019 11:30-1:30

At The Academic Bistro

101 N. 33rd Street, 6th Floor

Mind over Food Matter: The Important Intersection between Science and Restaurants

Participants are subject to change

The Center for Food and Hospitality Management along with the Philly Chef Conference presents talks and a question and answer session featuring the leaders in the world of science and the restaurant industry. Speakers will be Arielle Johnson (MIT Media Lab), Lane Selman (Culinary Breeding Network), Harold McGee (author), Diego Prado (Basque Culinary Center), Joshua Evans (Oxford), and Lars Williams (Empirical Spirits).

Registration and seating begins at 10:45 with talks beginning at 11:30.

Brunch will be provided.

Ticket price: $75

Limited seating available

Location: Academic Bistro, 101 N. 33rd Street, 6th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Sunday March 10 3:30PM-6PM

At The Study at University City

20 South 33rd Street

Philly Chef Conference Opening Night Session

Participants are subject to change

The opening night of The Philly Chef Conference will feature two panel discussions targeting key issues in the restaurant industry featuring the leading voices nationally and internationally in the restaurant industry.  A reception to follow featuring Esquire’s Best New Restaurants Carnitas Lonja (San Antonio), Hai Hai (Minneapolis), Petra and the Beast (Dallas), The Love (Philadelphia), cocktails from Esquire Beverage Director of the Year Marco Zappia of Martina (Minneapolis), Restaurant 108 (Copenhagen) as well as Philadelphia favorites 1732 Meats, Birchun Hills Farms, Di Bruno Bros., Hearthside, Philadelphia Distilling, Dock Street Brewery, Artisans Cellars, Eclat Choclate and The Co-Op.

Ticket Price: $75


Finding the Right Middle Ground: A Discussion on Achieving Balance in the Restaurant Industry

Moderator: Kim Severson

Panelists: Reem Assil, Michael Solomonov, and Kat Kinsman


Improving on Perfection in the Restaurant Industry: A Discussion on How Not to Sit on Your Laurels

Moderator: Jeff Gordinier

Panelists: Ben Shewry, Jamie Malone, Missy Robbins, Mashama Bailey, Genevieve Gergis

Philly Chef Conference: Day 2

The conference is an annual event designed to convene the regional food community and to showcase the latest food and beverage ideas and techniques through educational lectures, panel discussions, and demonstrations. It brings together the best chefs, food producers, and personalities and links established food and hospitality professionals with aspiring students and young industry professionals.

The second day of the conference is dedicated exclusively to hospitality and restaurant professionals and will feature educational lectures, industry discussions and demonstrations.

Participants are subject to change


Agenda for Monday March 11

Breakfast and Registration 8-9AM

Opening Remarks: Michael Traud 9:00-9:15

Breakfast provided by

La Colombe, Baba’s Brew, 33rd Street Hospitality, Lost Bread Co., Essen Bakery, Birdies Biscuit, Delice et Chocolat, Vernick Coffee Bar, 1732 Meats



Bistro:  The Changing World of Modern Food Journalism

Moderator: Julia Turshen

Participants: Julia Kramer, Brett Martin, Tim Carman, Khushbu Shah


Casino Lectures: Keep the Change: An Analysis on the Art of Tipping

Presenter: Michael Lynn


Demonstration Kitchen: Inside Estela, Café Altro Paradiso and Flora Bar

Presenter:Natasha Pickowicz


Modular Kitchen: Tea Tasting - The Oxidation Ladder

Presenter: Stefen Ramirez:





Bistro: More Than Food: A chef-writer and writer-editor reflect on a constantly changing industry and how to locate oneself in it

A conversation with Osayi Endolyn and Lisa Marie Donovan


Casino Lectures: Innovation at the Basque Culinary Center

Presenter: Diego Prado


 Demonstration Kitchen: Blurring the Line of Savoury & Sweet

Presenter: Jorge Hernandez


 Modular Kitchen: Catching More Foodies with Vinegar

Presenter: Michael Harlan Turkell




 Bistro: If You Serve It, They Will Come: The Art of Modern Menu Development

Moderator: Francis Lam

Participants: Ben Shewry, Katie Button, Matt Orlando


Casino Lectures: Asian Superfoods: Cooking with Koji

Presenter: Jeremy Umansky


Demonstration Kitchen: Hanging out with the Brodo Men

Presenter: Marco Canora and Lior Lev Servcarz



 Lunch provided by

South Philly Barbacoa, Hot Chicken Sliders by Kevin Sbraga, Hai Hai (Minneapolis), Carnitas Lonja (San Antonio),

33rd Street Hospitality, Mike’s BBQ, Honeygrow, Brodo, Suraya, Poi Dog, Le Virtu



Bistro: Reporting in the #MeToo Era

Moderator: Charlotte Druckman

Participants: Hillary Dixler Caravan, Nikita Richardson, Jordana Rothman, Priya Krishna


Casino Lectures: Making Microbial Terroir

Presenter: Joshua Evans


Demonstration Kitchen: Eating at Restaurant 108

Presenter: Kristian Baumann


 Bar Beverage Sessions: Beyond the Bottle: Exploring Wines and Wineries

Presenter: Carlin Karr




Bistro: Stepping Off the Line: The Evolving Role of the Chef

Moderator: Amanda Kludt

Participants: Devita Davison, Reem Assil, Chris Shepherd, Ben Miller


Casino Lectures: Meat Heads: The Advanced Science of Laboratory Grown Meat

Presenter: Ben Wurgraft


Demonstration Kitchen: Tasting Gelato

Presenter: Malcolm Livingston II


Modular Kitchen: From Grove to Vine: Exploring and Tasting Olive Oil

Presenter: Nicholas Coleman


Bar Beverage Sessions: Distilling Liquor in the Modern Age

Presenter: Lars Williams


Coffee and Dessert Break featuring

La Colombe, Weckerly’s, Aurora Chocolates, Eclat Chocolate, El Merkury, Rival Bros., Fiore, Flow State Coffee Bar




Bistro: The Future of Food

Moderator: Arielle Johnson

Participants: Lane Selman, Jorge Hernandez, Harold McGee, Angela Dimayuga


Casino Lectures: Crafting a Memoir: Notes from a Young Black Chef

Presenter: Kwame Onwuachi and Joshua David Stein


Demonstration Kitchen:Real Recipes from A Very Serious Cookbook

Presenter: Fabian von Hauske and Jeremiah Stone


Modular Kitchen: Cookbook Development

Presenter: Nik Sharma with Andrew Friedman


Bar Beverage Sessions: Apothecary Culture Behind the Bar

Presenter: Marco Zappia



Bistro: Improving Kitchen Culture

Moderator: Hunter Lewis

Participants: Elle Simone, Victoria Blamey, Misti Norris, Karen Akunowicz, Christina Nguyen


Demonstration Kitchen: Waste Not: Techniques for Using Everything in the Restaurant

Presenter: Matt Orlando


Bar Beverage Sessions: hop Chef: Proper Ways to Pair Food and Craft Beer

Presenter: Adam Vavrick and Nick Elmi

Post Conference Reception 5:15-6:30

PJ Clarkes, Fu-Wah, Jezabel’s Café, Trattoria Carina and Rione

After Party at Pub and Kitchen